About our Program

Piccolo's Music supplies high quality, educator approved student instruments designed for ease of play, reliability and great sound

Our program is rent-to-own with option to return any time, . No long-term contracts! Keep your instrument only while you're using it. We also offer the option to trade up within the program any time. Your payments will apply to the next instrument.

We have new, late model rent-returns, and used instruments available for rent-to-own. Every "pre-rented" instrument is professionally sanitized, adjusted and play tested before it ever leaves our shop. Guaranteed!

Rentals can be setup on automatic credit/debit card payment for your convenience, or billed monthly.


Our Advantage!

Rent-to-own with option to return at any time, no further obligation

Local:  rentals, sales, service, open 7 days a week

All instruments fully guaranteed, new and used.

Generous trade-in and trade-up with the program, and keep full equity!


Maintenance Plan

Rest easy knowing that your instrument is covered with our optional maintenance plan.

Covers all maintenance and repairs necessary to keep the instrument in good playing condition while it's under contract with us. Also covers loss and theft

Price range is $3.00 - $5.00 / month depending on the instrument.

Doesn't include reeds, strings, and other consumable items.

* Subject to Availability