Dobani Castanets, Ebony

SKU:  ae00-6876
Manufacturer Part #:  CASB-2

Pair of Ebony Castanets. The pair consists of two sets, a left and a right. Each set has two corded clam-shaped ebony clappers. Each pair has a slightly larger male set and a slightly smaller female set of castanets usually marked M and F respectively. To play, hang one set from each of your thumbs so they rest in the palm of your hands. Then drum your fingers on the shell. The ebony produces a slightly louder and crisper sound than castanets made of sheesham. The ebony is stained black for consistent appearance.

Model: CASB-2
Manufacturer: Mid-East


SKU:  ae00-6876^CASB-2
Manufacturer Part #:  CASB-2
Weight:  1.00
Price: $22.99

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