CAD GXLUHHL UHF Duplex Wireless - 2 HH - Bank K


Details GXLU Dual Channel WIRELESS • Two discrete channels of wireless packaged in one receiver chassis. • Compact discrete antenna that recess when not in use. • Each channel has RF and AF indicator lights that indicate the presence of connectivity and audio source. • UHF Frequency Operation • Three output options on the receiver for maximum performance and flexibility of use. - Professional balanced XLR discrete - Professional balanced XLR mixed output - Professional 1/4 inch output for easy output to a guitar amp or mixer equipped with 1/4 inch input connections. • Handheld transmitter outfitted with mute and on positions for flexibility of use. • Battery life of >10hrs. • Handheld transmitter features battery life indicator. • All Bodypack systems ship with WXGTR guitar cable and WXHW condenser headworn mic included in the system.

Manufacturer: CAD Audio
CAD GXLUHHL UHF Duplex Wireless - 2 HH - Bank K
Price: $179.00

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